This project began with gathering performance data for the Western Canadian Bowling Tour (WCBT). As of April 2022, we have over 100,000 balls thrown and 5,000 games from two WCBT tournaments: The 2021 Players’ Championship at Sherwood and the 2021 Autumn Open. We are currently figuring out how to add performance data from the 2022 Regina Classic and would like to include events from across the country.

We are especially grateful to all the volunteers who have entered game data from hardcopy scoresheets.

About This Site

We launched bowling-reference.com in April 2022. This site is built with Astro and XElement, mostly at Sarah’s recommendation and to give J. B. an excuse to find out what all the fuss is about.

J. B. Rainsberger is also known as The 260 Bowler. Some time around 2021 he used his background as a computer programmer to accidentally become the Official Statistics Bureau of the WCBT.

Sarah Rainsberger is a bird photographer, bowling videographer, web developer, Open Source maintainer, docs writer, and educator. Sarah drinks gin, feeds the backyard birds, and watches baseball with J. B.